22 mayo, 2020

Elope Instead – Elopement weddings in Patagonia Chile & Argentina

You may be wondering how and where to elope because your wedding has been canceled or postponed due to coronavirus. Welcome to my blog, I am a wedding photographer based in Chile and I am grateful you are here.

I am so sorry you have had to postpone your wedding, however, as a wedding photographer, I would love to be a resource for you to help you to elope in Patagonia, Atacama or any other beautiful region of Chile with best adventure options and epic scenarios you would ever imagine.

Please start by watching the video below and I am sure you will feel in love:

Even if you’ve never considered eloping, this post will help you with all that you need to know to still tie the knot during or post coronavirus situation.

First thing first, what does it mean to Elope? I will tell you what does it mean to me and the couples that already worked with me.

To me, an elopement is an intimate wedding where you get to literally do whatever you want to do to make it your best day ever. There is no rule book when it comes to how to elope. You can choose any place in the world, you can elope 6 hours or 3 days, you can dress the way you want, you can hire any photographer in the world and much more.

Imagine adventure 3 days elopement in Patagonia starting in an epic place like Hanging Glacier and finishing your travel with a beautiful photoshoot in Torres del Paine.

perrito moreno
Perrito Moreno Argentina

I know, you didn’t even think it is possible, but it is and I can help you plan that adventure easy as I already live in Chile, speak the language and know so well the local culture, more than a simple photographer I can be your guide to make it happen. 

How to choose the perfect location for your elopement wedding?

Even amidst the coronavirus, your wedding day can still be an adventure! 


The first step in knowing how to elope is choosing the perfect location. No every place may be applicable at any time, we have to plan according to weather conditions so first thing first, choose your date and let me know so I can suggest you some perfect scenarios. 

I have some sample information for you just right here:

  1. Atacama
  2. Coasts next to Santiago
  3. Conguillio National Park
  4. Huilo Huilo
  5. Hanging Glacier
  6. Patagonia (Torres del Paine)
  7. Easter Island

Where to start and how to avoid extra stress when planning your elopement wedding?

The common myth about elopement weddings is that they are 100% pre-planning free. There are definitely fewer details to consider when you are thinking about eloping, but there are some to-do’s that you will not want to pass over. 

It’s very important to secure a place to stay, creat a timeline with your photographer, find the perfect trail, scenery for your wedding. Those are some details why it’s so important to hire the right vendor team or photographer that can help you your elopement dream become reality. 


So, now just I have to say this, I happen to know a pretty awesome elopement photographer with a fun personality that would love to take you to Patagonia, Atacama, or any other dream location. Yes that’s me, you can check some more information about my work and your experience here or you can go just here and check my elopement packages that would best fit your preferences. Let’s get the conversation started!

Is there any possibility to our guests still being part of our wedding if we elope?

Wow, that’s a great question! And guess what? Sure, they can, we can live stream your elopement! Using mobile streaming service is a great way for your best people to be a part of your day, don’t worry about your limited roaming data for Chile, I have unlimited internet here (remember, I am based in Chile) so if there is internet coverage we can just jump online with all your friends and make it possible.

Elopement wedding Chile Los Andes Mountaing

What about my planned party?

If you still want your traditional wedding or party with your friends you can still do it after coronavirus restrictions are lifted. You can absolutely renew your wows and party the night away with your favorite friends and family, even if you choose to elope now. 

Engagement san pedro de atacama valle de la luna

Are you ready to elope in Patagonia or Atacama?

Remember, we will plan all of this together. I will be your guide to all legal, scenarios, timeline, and even food ideas. Just send me a message and we can schedule a video call to know each other and start planning your beautiful elopement wedding day.